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The George Greenacre Photo Award
George Greenacre was a railfan who was instrumental in the formation and administration of the Association until his death in 1999.   His family set up a fund in his honor to present an award to the best photograph taken during the annual Cass Railfan Weekend.

Hundreds of photos are taken by participants during Railfan Weekend events. One of them is worth a hundred dollars; why not yours?

See the winning photos from past contests here.

Note: The status of the Greenacre Photo Contest is currently in question because we do not know when the 2017 Membership Meeting will be held or who will be in charge of the Photo Contest. We will post information here as soon as the questions are resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Contest Rules:

1.The contest is annual; eligible entries are photographs taken at the preceding Cass Railfan Weekend event or other MSR&LHA event during the prior year and that was open to the public.
2.The winner will be selected from among the finalists by majority audience vote at the MSR&LHA Membership Weekend evening program.  Click here to see the winning photos and a selection of other entries.
3.All participants in the current or the immediate past Cass Railfan Weekend or other MSR&LHA sponsored public events in the prior year are eligible contestants. There are no limits on participation by prior winners.
4.Entries may be submitted by mail or package delivery to the contest coordinator and must be received no later than 10 calendar days prior to the start of Membership Weekend. A contestant may submit up to three entries. The current contest coordinator is <to be defined>. 
Entries may also be submitted at the Membership Weekend on <to be defined>.
6.Only prints, color or black and white, measuring no less than four inches and no more than 12 inches in the larger dimension, will be considered for awards.
7.Photographic subjects may be, trains, equipment, structures, or people in any combination; anything that conveys the drama and spirit of Railfan Weekend is suitable.
8.All entries must be the original work of the contestant.
9.All prints entered become the property of the MSR&LHA, which retains perpetual rights to reproduce contest entries in its publications for historical and publicity purposes. MSR&LHA further can assign to the State of West Virginia additional specific publication rights. The photographer is free to use his/her contest pictures in any way not infringing on the publication rights of MSR&LHA and West Virginia.
10.MSR&LHA publication of contest entries will credit the photographer.
11.MSR&LHA Board of Directors reserves the right to determine the appropriate number of finalists in the final contest voting by the Railfan Weekend audience.
12.First prize is $100.00. There will be only one monetary award per year. The winner does not have to be present or registered for Railfan Weekend to receive the monetary prize.
13.If additional prizes are to be awarded, the additional prizes and eligibility conditions for their award will be announced by an authorized MSR&LHA official prior to the final contest vote.
If you have questions about the contest please contact <to be defined>.

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This page last updated or verified on March 31, 2017