11/35 15 - Old arch bar clamped to mill for minor repair work           Return to MSR&LHA Home page

When we tried to assemble one of the new truck side frames, using our brand new top and bottom bars (read as STRAIGHT), it was quite obvious that one hole in an old arch bar had been drilled way out of its rightful place. The hole was off 1/4 inch longitudinally, and 1/8 inch laterally, too much distance to just drive a bolt through, which would have ruined the threads on the bolt. The proper way to correct the situation would have been to weld the hole completely shut, and drill a new one in the correct location. A quick, temporary fix was chosen, just so we could get the side frame assembled, and the new bottom bar forged to the right angle. This shot shows Lou Aprile moving the hole with the vertical milling machine. This allowed us to get the one side frame assembled, and the ends of the bottom bar bent up. The proper repair to the arch bar will be done after the upper tips of the bottom bar are forged parallel.

Photo by Bill Liebman
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