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 About the Association

Founded in 1982, MSR&LHA collects, preserves and interprets the history of the railroad and lumber industries in West Virginia. It encourages and supports research and publication projects, facilitates preservation, and seeks to document a spectrum of topics ranging from general aspects of construction, equipment, operation, forestry, and economics to the specifics of sawmills, shops, company towns, and railroads. It not only serves individuals with serious interest in and knowledge of the railroad and logging scene, but promotes a better understanding of these subjects for the general public. It is the Association's belief that these subjects are an integral part of West Virginia's unique and colorful heritage.

Cass: Home of the Shays

Cass, West Virginia, home of the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park has been the Association's base of operations since 1982. In addition to sponsoring Annual Railfan Weekend, the Association is involved in various preservation projects including Whittaker Camp #1, which includes seven pieces of historic logging equipment and structures. The Association also provides interpretive services and assist in the general promotion of the Park. Geared steam power at Cass includes numerous Shays and a Heisler, with additional geared locomotives scheduled for restoration and operation.

 For information about the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park call 1-800-CALL-WVA or check their Web site at

 MSR&LHA's Involvements

Periodicals: The Log Train, the center-piece of the Association's documentation and preservation efforts, is a quarterly journal which attempts to picture the spectrum of logging and railroad history in West Virginia.

Charter Trips:  Special charters and trips with guides and guide booklets visit historic railroad and logging sites in West Virginia

Annual Members' Weekend:  A source of good fellowship, the members' meeting is scheduled each May to coincide with the Annual Railfan Weekend at Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. The weekend includes speakers, audio-visual presentations, displays, photo run-bys, and field trips.

 The Archives:  MSR&LHA is devoted to collecting photographs, documents, and other items of historic importance. In cooperation with the State of West Virginia Division of Culture and History, donated materials are catalogued and preserved for access by members, researchers, and the general public. In cases where collectors wish to place restrictions on copying or usage, the Association ensures that requirements are followed.

Historic Preservation:  The Association undertakes and encourages efforts to preserve and interpret historic equipment and structures. With Cass as the focal point for its work, several projects are in process including providing interpretive signage, restoring historic logging equipment for Whittaker camp #1 including a Lidgerwood steam tower log skidder formerly operated by the Meadow River Lumber Company. The Association has also provided for a graduate internship in public interpretation.

Volunteers:  MSR&LHA is an all-volunteer organization and depends on its members and other interested individuals to provide materials for publication and to work on restoration projects. Any contribution of time makes our projects successful.

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Multiple memberships are welcome. MSR&LHA is a recognized Section 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt organization by the internal Revenue Service.  All membership fees and donations are deductible from Federal income tax.
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